Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Photoshoot at Gears, Beards, and Beers

Last week, I attended Capitol Steam's fantastic event, Gears, Beards, and Beers in Jackson, MI. Matt Gwinn of Errant Knight Photography was there offering free photos, so I took advantage and got some great shots of my new blue/gold outfit with my ShopTroll leather. 

I wish I had removed my camera bag, but this is a great full body shot that shows how the skirt is hitched to the belt and creates some interesting falls. I love how the blues of the coat and the trim really make the lighter sand-colored leather pop!

Playing around with props! This is one of my favorite costume photos of me ever - Matt did a great job. I love how the blue feathers set off my purple hair. Again, great detailing in the leather by ShopTroll. 

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