Friday, March 21, 2014

Current projects: ghawazee coats and more

So, based on the reception of my blue ghawazee outfit at the last few events, I've decided to branch out into costume vending. I will be selling wares at the upcoming Springs and Sprockets event in Ypsilanti, MI on April 13th. I've been busy sewing away, creating stock ghawazee coats (and hopefully some high collared Victorian Steampunk coats as well). Here are some of the in-progress shots!

Silvery green with cream embroidery. Size M

Golden/tan with blue embroidery and sleeves. Size XS/child

Purple/green feathery pattern. I can't wait until the purple trim is will really pop. Size XL

Close up of feather pattern. 
I have a bunch more cut out in many more sizes, including a gorgeous blue/gold, a very pretty silvery purple, a pink and maroon stripe, and a red and black taffeta. As they get done-ish, I'll keep posting photos!

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