Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

Ahh, another Halloween has come and gone. This year was relatively low key for me (no huge parties, had class, etc), but I had fun with the costumes I wore and the event I did attend. 

First up, I went to a rather impromptu "Hocus Pocus" watching hangout with some friends, so I decided to throw together a last minute Winnifred Sanderson costume. It's not movie accurate, but the colors and hair and crazy lipstick help make it. 

My "real" costume this year was Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon 2. I went with the 2nd movie outfit, because the costume had "more" - a fur skirt, arm bands, face paint, etc. It was really fun to make - I bought a bunch of scrap leather from Tandy to make the skirt and headband and arm wraps, and a bunch of fake fur from Joanne Fabrics to make all the fur pieces. I used my David Bowie wig and braided it. 

The real dragon was nice very excited about my costume ;)

So I used a fake Stormfly instead - it was a hit at the Children's Hospital, where I did facepainting.

This is full outfit! If I wear it again for Grand Rapids Comic Con, I might make a few changes, but overall I am very happy with the costume.

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