Friday, May 9, 2014

Queen Elsa

Last Friday a friend of mine commissioned a Queen Elsa (from Frozen) dress for her adorable little girl's birthday. Because it is a kid's dress, and one has to think about playtime durability and appropriateness, it's not quite movie accurate. It is, however, full of sparkle and fun, and I think you can still tell it's Elsa.

Original fabric. Find the right blues was actually kind of hard! Most were either too dark or too baby blue, instead of a proper ice blue. 

Finished dress. The cape is removable (it attaches with the little snowflake snaps). It looks a little funny because it's on an adult sized hanger. It's lined in cotton, for durability and softness on skin :)

I spray glittered a bunch of snowflakes on the cape. It's a much subtler effect than I set out to get, but I rather like it. 

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